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1-day DICOM Training/Workshops at radio Kootwijk

DICOM Standard


Radio Kootwijk, a unique historical building in the middle of the Netherlands, that was constructed around 100 years ago, It was used, for a relatively short period, to connect the Netherlands to other parts of the world, using long wave radio connections. So there we already have the similarity: connecting people and connecting medical devices all around the world.

Take advantage of this special 1-day DICOM Training/Workshop, with the same quality and price as the regular ones. Including a guided tour of the building during one of the breaks.

Picture supplied by Radio Kootwijk


On request, ask for possible dates!

This Training/Workshop days take place between 9:30 - 17:00 Central European (Summer) Time.


Picture supplied by Radio Kootwijk

What is included?

  • Welcome snack;

  • Coffee, tea, infused water;

  • Business lunch;

  • Guided tour of the main building;

  • DICOM Training/Workshop in English;

  • For a group of only Dutch speaking participants, the spoken language of course becomes Dutch;

  • Relevant parts of the DICOM Standard are explained in-depth and hands-on experience is gained by using DICOM test tools;

  • See the agenda for the 1-day beginners DICOM Training/Workshop;

  • Lots of opportunities to ask (existing) DICOM related questions during the training;

  • The free Open Source DICOM test tools (DVTk) used for exercises are Windows based, assuming participants are using their own Windows laptop/tablet;

  • Digital handouts of the presentations;

  • Personalized certificate;

Combination of Training and Workshop



How and how much?

  • The fee for this 1-day DICOM Training/Workshop, for each person participating, 775 Euro excl. VAT;

  • Discount available when multiple people from the same organization join the same Training/Workshop;

  • For more information and to register, please send an e-mail to

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