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The trainer

Let me introduce myself. My name is Marco Kemper. I have been working for ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions for the last 20 years as a software architect.


In my daily work, I am responsible for project documentation, requirements, architectural designs, coding (C#, C++) and (automated) testing in (IEC 62304) healthcare projects.


As a secondary job, I am the single DICOM/DVTk workshop trainer within the ICT group, responsible for organising workshops for customers and colleages. In the past years, I have given a total of 25 DICOM Workshops.


The following lists some of my DICOM experience gathered, while working for our customers:

  • Worked for 5 years on the DVTk (DICOM Validation Toolkit) project as a software designer and technical coordinator;

  • Designed and implemented the DICOM Structured Report Validator (Philips Healthcare);

  • Designed and implemented the DICOM module for a Nuclear Medicine scanner (DDD Diagnostic);

  • Upgraded the DICOM part of a connectivity and storage library (Elekta);

  • Project management, design and implementation for a new DICOM module for an afterloader (RT Plan Import and RT Brachy Treatment Record Export) (BEBIG, Eckert & Ziegler).