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25 DICOM Training/Workshops already organized

While working (still am) for the ICT Group, I already organised DICOM Training/Workshops at least 25 times in the past. I founded my own company Workshop For Me in 2018.

Below are some of the recommendations from participants of DICOM Training/Workshops that I organised before Workshop For Me was founded:

"A good course for those who want to obtain greater insight into DICOM and the tools used for analysing the flow of information in DICOM."
Jan Smulders
Senior Test and Integration Engineer, Philips Healthcare

"All topics were of interest."
Andrew Freeman
Ultrasound FSE, Philips Healthcare

"Very worthwhile course, thanks Marco."
Steve Brown
FSE at Philips Healthcare

"I really enjoyed the course and discussions with other participants."
Ian Fishwick
Philips Healthcare

"Really good course, thanks Marco."
Gareth Beaumont
Technical lead at Volpara Solutions

"Because of the DICOM Workshop we have been able to implement new software and technologies more efficiently by understanding the DICOM flow of information."

Dr. Ryan Brown, Ph.D.

Medical Physics Registrar at St George Hospital and Cancer Care Centre

The sections below shows the DICOM Training/Workshops by Workshop For Me that already took place.

2-day DICOM Training Workshop in Sweden - April 2019

This Workshop was held in Vaxholm (Stockholm County) on 29 (Monday) + 30 (Tuesday) April 2019.


Below is a recommendation from a participant that joined this DICOM Training/Workshop:

"A nice overview of DICOM and good hands-on tutorials with DVTk."

Johan Lilja

Vice President of Research and Development, Hermes Medical Solutions


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