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Agenda 1-day beginners DICOM Training/Workshop

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One day full of DICOM

The beginners DICOM Training/Workshop takes 1 full day. The theory presented is mixed with exercises based on DVTk (DICOM Validation Toolkit) tools. When on-site, combined with short breaks and lunch to keep sharp.

Theory from the DICOM Standard

The theory consists of the following parts:

  • DICOM Overview

  • Service Classes overview

  • Message Exchange​

    • Roles

    • TCP/IP

    • Application Entity

    • Configuration Application Entity

    • Handshaking - DICOM Association Happy Flow

    • SOP Class

    • Transfer Syntax

    • Handshaking - Reject DICOM Association

    • Handshaking - Abort DICOM Association

  • DICOM Validation Toolkit

  • Verification Messages

  • Storage Messages

  • Query/Retrieve Messages

  • Modality Worklist Messages

  • Modality Performed Procedure Steps Messages

  • Storage Commitment Messages

  • DICOM Files 

Exercises using DVTk tools

The following DVTk tools will be explained and used during different exercises:

  • Storage SCU Emulator

  • Storage SCP Emulator

  • DVT

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