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DICOM Training/Workshops

In the 25 years that I have been working for the ICT Group and DEMCON, I have gained a lot of experience while developing DICOM interfaces for medical devices for different manufacturers. Because of this, I know what is important to know about the DICOM Standard when dealing with DICOM related documentation, implementation, configuration and communication. As a result, I will teach participants the relevant parts of the DICOM Standard step-by-step and can go into even more detail when questions are there. Combined with exercises using DICOM test tools that I helped develop in the past.


Feedback from participants

The overall rating from participants for each DICOM Training/Workshop has always been 8-9 (scale 1=bad - 10=excellent). When participants already have questions about certain parts of the DICOM Standard, I always try to give extra focus on those parts during the DICOM Training/Workshop. Resulting in this feedback from participants.

Training course and workshop combined

DICOM Conformance Statement

While working for different manufacturers for the last 25 years, I have also written several DICOM Conformance Statements for different types of medical devices. When you also need a new DICOM Conformance Statement from scratch or an updated one that complies to the template as defined by the DICOM Standard, I will definitely be able to help you with this: for a competitive price, the high quality that is expected by the end-users and the structure that is strongly recommended by the DICOM Standard. For more info, please contact me:


More information about the DICOM Training/Workshops

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