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DICOM Workshop: combination of DICOM training and DICOM exercises

Each DICOM Workshop that I organize is a good balanced combination of

  • an in-depth DICOM training in which I explain important parts of the DICOM Standard;

  • DICOM exercises in which we practise the theory learned using the DICOM DVTk test tools that can also be used on the job.

The DICOM Workshops help PACS Administrators to master the DICOM aspects of any PACS system. And more, as the DICOM Workshop is not limited to PACS systems only but also describes important DICOM aspects of Modalities and RIS systems. And of course plenty of opportunities to ask existing DICOM related questions, which you may already have had for a long time, which I will definitely try to help answer!

Why is this also a good Workshop for PACS Administrators?

Amongst others, I will discuss the followed topics that are important to know for PACS Administrators:

  • the DICOM Verification Service Class;

  • the DICOM Storage Service Class;

  • the Query/Retrieve Service Class;

  • the handshaking that takes place in a DICOM Association (e.g. A-ASSOCIATE-RQ, A-ASSOCIATE-AC);

  • different types of Transfer Syntaxes (e.g. compression used);

  • different types of DICOM SOP Classes;

  • the (order of) DICOM messages that are used for the Service Classes;

  • the way in which problems are communicated using response status codes;

  • how the medical data, that is communicated, is specified using IODs;

  • DICOM file storage;

  • DICOM Conformance Statements.

What are the benefits for a PACS Administrator?

The following is a list of important benefits for PACS Administrators that would join the DICOM Workshop:

  • A better understanding of DICOM configuration;

  • A better understanding of the DICOM communication taking place;

  • Knowledge on how to use the DVTk Storage SCU emulator, Storage SCP emulator, Query/Retrieve SCP Emulator and DICOM Network Analyzer for fault finding;

  • Knowledge on how to interpret a DICOM Conformance Statement;

  • Summarized, making better usage of a PACS system in a more efficient way!

For questions, please send an e-mail to

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