Agenda 2-day DICOM Training/Workshop

Two days full of DICOM

The standard DICOM Training/Workshop takes 2 full days. The theory presented is mixed with exercises based on DVTk (DICOM Validation Toolkit) tools. Combined with short breaks and lunch every day to keep sharp.

Theory from the DICOM Standard

The theory consists of the following parts:

  • DICOM Overview

  • Service Classes (overview of purpose, e.g. Storage, Modality Worklist, etc.)

  • DVTk (DICOM Validation Toolkit) Introduction

  • Message Exchange (DICOM Association)

  • Network Service Classes (detailed description: DICOM messages for each Service Class,  related information, etc.)

  • SOP Classes

  • Information Object Definitions (modules, attributes, type, etc.)

  • Data Dictionary

  • Data Structures and Encoding (including Value Representations and private data)

  • Media Storage (Dicom Files, DICOMDIR)

  • Coding schemes (Concept codes in DICOM)

  • IHE – Overview

  • DICOM Conformance Statement (Structure)

Exercises using DVTk tools

The following DVTk tools will be explained and used during different exercises:

  • DVT

  • Storage SCU Emulator

  • Storage SCP Emulator

  • DICOM Editor

  • DICOM Compare

  • DICOM Network Analyzer

  • Query Retrieve SCP Emulator

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